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Administrative State

The administrative state relies on powerful unelected and poorly accountable professional bureaucracies which have become increasingly partisan and ideological, undermining the democratic power of the people and their elected representatives.

Anti-Democratic Elitism

Privileged White "progressives" have historically demonstrated contempt for the general public and for democracy, attempting to impose their own social vision by pre-empting others' choices.

Democratic Deficit in the European Union

A small group of unelected elites influences or controls key EU policy, disenfranchising voters and fueling a democratic deficit.

Democratic Deficit in the United States

The democratic deficit in the US includes practices and institutions which insulate government from the public will and accountability.

Elite Capture

Authoritarian states attempt to sway influential Western elites and institutions to support their interests with lucrative deals, jobs, and sponsorships.

Subverting the Majority

Concentrated political interests have often come together to subvert the more diffuse interests of the majority.

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