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Gallery: Textile Art of Maryna Lukach

Art of Ukrainian Freedom

Maryna Lukach is an internationally renown textile artist who has created pieces honoring Ukrainian freedom, among others. Maryna describes her technique:

"In my artwork, I use mixed authoring techniques: textile collage, batik, felt, lace, and embroidery with beads, ribbons, ropes and stones, acrylic, painting, photo print, crochet, machine embroidery, hand embroidery, and fabric dyeing. I dye some fabrics by hand.

"My artworks are in private collections worldwide: Ukraine, the United States, England, Italy, Germany, Russia, UAE, Netherlands, Austria, Cyprus, and the Church Museum in Salt Lake City."

Maryna's professional and shop pages are below:

Gallery Pages: Lukach Gallery 1 - Lukach Gallery 2 - The Price of Freedom - Ukraine

Images are copyright by the artist (c) 2022.  Used with permission.

"The Price of Freedom, Ukraine." 2014

See full description and history here

"The Sun of Ukraine Rises." 2022

"Сходить сонце України."

Textile Art. Size: 33 x 26 inches (84 х 66cm)

"We won’t be defeated! July 2022"

"Нас не подолати! Липень 2022" 
Size: 32 x 24 inches (81 х 61cm)
Textile Art. Wall decor. Art Quilt. Ukraine. Fiber picture. Mixed Media Textile Painting. Textile Collage. Wall hanging

"We won’t be defeated." August 2022.

"Нас не подолати. Серпень 2022" (64х82 см)

Size: 24x33 inches. Made in mixed media: textile collage, machine embroidery, hand embroidery, beads, weaving, and machine stitch. Face - photo printing on fabric. Model: Tatyana Gusarova.