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Russian Crimes Against Humanity

Articles documenting Russian atrocities in Ukraine

April 28, 2023

Russian Crimes Against Humanity, Source, U.S. & NATO response

Crimes Against Civilians

Abducting elected leaders  Kyiv Post 4/19/2022   silence

Attacking civilian convoys  The Guardian (UK) 9/30/2022 silence

Attacking humanitarian convoys Al Jazeera 10/1/2022   silence

Bombing schools   Independent (UK) 3/21/2022  silence

Disappearances and detentions CNN 3/29/2022   verbal condemnation

Execution of children   CNN 4/17/2023   silence

“Filtration” murder camps  Knewz 3/28/2022   silence

“Great terror,” killing protestors The Times (UK) 3/22/2022  silence

House to house terror   NY Post 3/25/2023   silence

Kidnapping civilian hostages  People 3/28/2022   silence

Kidnapping & Indoctrinating Children  People 4/25/2022   verbal condemnation

Massacres in Bucha   Business Insider 4/7/2022  new sanctions

Massacres in Irpin   BBC News 6/8/2022   verbal condemnation

Mass deportations   CNN 4/7/2022    silence

Mobile crematoriums   LBC News (UK) 4/6/2022  silence

Orders to bomb civilian targets Newsweek 3/11/2022    silence

Prosecuting peacemakers  Newsweek 6/7/2022   silence

Sexual assault    The Guardian (UK) 3/27/2022 silence

Starving Ukrainians   CBS News 5/7/2022   silence

Systemic rape    Euromaidan Press 4/25/2023  verbal condemnation

Crimes Against Ukrainian Defenders

Beheading prisoners   Reuters 4/17/2023   silence

Bombing POWs   NPR 8/29/2022   silence

Cutting prisoners’ throats  Ukrainska Pravda 4/27/2023  silence

Electrocution chambers  Knewz 4/27/2023   silence

Torture of POWS   Associated Press 3/25/2023  silence

Attacks on Civilian Infrastructure

Attacks on electricity   Voice of America 10/31/2022  verbal condemnation

Attacks on hospitals   AP News 3/25/2022   silence

Attacks on medical clinics  CNN 2/23/2023   silence

Attacks on water supply  AP News 10/31/2022   silence

Blocking aid convoys   Reuters 3/15/2022   silence

Blocking grain shipments  Deutsche Welle 3/17/2022  verbal condemnation

Blocking Red Cross access  Fox News 4/6/2022   silence

Stealing grain    PBS 10/3/2022   silence

97% of missiles vs civil objects USA Today 11/28/22   verbal condemnation

Cultural Genocide

Cultural theft    Kyiv Independent 6/1/2022  silence

Destroying churches, killing pastors Forbes 12/14/2022   silence

Destroying cultural landmarks NBC News 3/28/2022   silence

Destroying historic sites  Kyiv Independent 6/1/2022  silence

Hate Speech and Incitement to Genocide

Calls to drown and burn children  Euromaidan Press 11/12/2022 silence

Calls for genocide   Euromaidan Press 4/17/2022  verbal condemnation

Fascist ideology   U. California Press 03/2016  silence

Gaslighting about atrocities  Independent (UK) 4/13/2022  silence

Genocidal propaganda  Euromaidan Press 6/25/2022  verbal condemnation

Hate speech and mass murder The Atlantic 4/25/2022  silence

Impunity for crimes vs Ukraine  The Telegraph (UK) 12/15/2022 silence

Kill lists    The Guardian (UK) 2/21/2022 verbal condemnation

Mirroring Nazi Fascism  BBC 5/9/2022    silence

Nazification of Russia   Boston Globe 4/28/2022  silence

Orders to kill civilians   New York Post 4/7/2022  silence

Rewarding war criminals  Euronews 4/12/2022   silence

Russian Church pro-genocide CBN 9/27/2022   silence

Russian Nazi propaganda  Euromaidan Press 2/8/2023  silence

Stalinist tactics   Newsweek 3/8/2023   silence

State sponsor of terrorism  Los Angeles Times 3/1/2022  refusal to designate

“Take no prisoners and kill everyone”  Metro (UK) 10/27/2022  silence

War crime charges   Independent (UK) 3/9/2023  refusal to give evidence

These are only a few resources out of thousands documenting Russian crimes. Most of these atrocities have evoked little more than verbal condemnation in the West.   International law and human rights are meaningless when purported guardians won’t defend them.

What are you doing about it?

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