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Israel and the Terror Apologists

Genocidal antisemitic terrorism is whitewashed by Western organizations that share common Marxist ideology and agenda. Staff

October 11, 2023

The October 7, 2023 Hamas terrorist attack on Israel was the deadliest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. Over 700 civilians were reported dead at the time. Babies and entire families were slaughtered. The toll has risen to over 1,200 in subsequent reports. Many are still missing.

Yet far from offering support for the Israeli people, many in the West have engaged in victim-blaming and have glorified the Hamas terrorists.  35 student groups at Harvard released a statement blaming Israel as “entirely responsible” for the attacks.[1]  Columbia students defended the slaughter, writing that the murder of Israeli children and rape of women cannot be viewed in “isolation” and condemned the Israelis rather than the terrorists as “extremist.”[2] NYU Law School Bar Association President Ryna Workman wrote that Hamas’ atrocities against Israelis were “necessary” and that Israel “bears full responsibility.”[3]  These messages paralleled that of Iran’s Ayatollah Khameini, who wrote to Israelis: “you brought this calamity upon yourselves.”[4]

Democratic Socialists of America held an “All Out For Palestine” rally in Times Square on October 10, glorifying the terrorist attacks and gleefully chanting “700,” the number of Israeli civilians reported dead at the time[5], and waved swastikas.[6] DSA is the party of US Congress “squad” members Rashida Talib, Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Jamaal Bowman. Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib refused to condemn Hamas terrorists who “cut off babies’ heads and burned children alive.”[7] Fellow “squad” members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley called for “immediate ceasefire and de-escalation" to prevent Israel from responding to the terrorists.[8]  Congressional Democratic leaders have given “disgraceful” Squad comments a pass.[9]  The Biden administration twice posted social media statements echoing Pressley and AOC’s comments only to promptly delete them.

More than 40 babies have been executed by Hamas and numerous Israeli women were raped and murdered.  Self-proclaimed feminist groups were silent, just as they were when brave Iranian women protested against the totalitarian patriarchy in 2022.  Monica Osborne wrote: “It turns out that it's not rape these orgs care about,” but “whether these women meet their ideological criteria for qualifying as victims.”[10]

The Chicago chapter of Black Lives Matter posted an image of a paratrooper with the statement that it “stands with Palestine.”[11]  UK Black Lives matter “retweeted approvingly a picture of the terrorist bulldozer smashing down the Israeli fence…and retweeted ‘Black lives matter’ and ‘I stand with Israel’ are two things that can’t coexist.”[12]

Western elites have worked for years to legitimize and dignify Palestinian terrorists through systemic bias. In 2022, nine student groups at UC Berkeley Law School adopted a bylaw against inviting any speaker who defended Israel’s right to exist.[13]  Even U.S. high school debates have been censored by leftist judges who will fail any competitor who defends Israel, among various “off-limits” arguments including free markets.[14]

Many legacy media outlets have acted to whitewash terrorism when committed in service of so-called “progressive’s” favored agenda. The New York Post editorial board wrote:

  • “The false equivalence drawn by MSNBC — which has called Hamas terrorists ‘militants’ or ‘fighters’ hundreds of times since Saturday — is common among legacy outlets. Like the New York Times, which unforgivably was referring to Hamas killers as ‘militants’ as late as Monday; the Gray Lady went so far as to briefly use the correct word, ‘terrorists,’ and then stealth-edit it to read ‘gunmen’... The BBC, meanwhile, openly refuses to use the t-word…CNN? Still using ‘militant.’ As are many other outlets”[15]

Allister Heath wrote in The Telegraph (UK):

  • “Would today’s BBC have described the original Nazis as ‘militants’? Would it have described the Waffen SS as ‘fighters’?

  • Hamas are Nazis, with the same aim: they want to ethnically cleanse the region of Jews from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean sea. Hamas’s 1988 Charter calls for the total eradication of Israel, its replacement by an Islamist state and cites approvingly …a gross anti-Semitic forgery also endorsed in [Hitler’s] Mein Kampf.

  • “Why is a massacre of Israeli Jews at the hands of anti-Semitic jihadists so different? By disgracefully refusing to describe Hamas as terrorists, the BBC’s pseudo-’impartiality” makes it in fact scandalously biased against Israel: it downplays Hamas’s crimes, creates a fake equivalence between the two sides, and taints the Israeli response.”[12]

The NY Post observed:

  • “When leftists praise ‘decolonization,’ they are celebrating the murder of innocents like Shani Louk by bloodthirsty Hamas killers…Beneath the official rhetoric spouted by DSA-affiliated politicians like AOC that ‘No child and family should ever endure this kind of violence and fear,’ her comrades very much believe the opposite. [They believe] civilian deaths should be celebrated, as long as they’re the right kind of civilians.”[16]

Many of the same organizations which whitewashed or celebrated the murder of Israeli civilians previously expressed outrage at the killing of Iranian terrorist and Quds Force commander Qasem Soleimani in 2020. Some rationalized the attacks as a response to supposed “Jewish supremacy” without evidence. Not a single one called out the full-throated Islamic supremacy which permeates the charters and public discourse of Hamas and other jihadi groups.  The unwillingness or inability to designate Islamists beheading Israeli babies and raping and murdering women as terrorists is contrasted with the U.S. Department of Justice labeling dozens of non-violent concerned parents as terrorists for the crime of exercising their first amendment right to object to political indoctrination of their children in public schools.[17]

Palestinians have long celebrated the murder of Israelis. Both Hamas and Fatah pay millions annually to families of terrorists killed in action. Paying $235 million in 2021 and $316 million in 2023, the Biden Administration violated the 2018 Taylor Force law, which forbids the U.S. to aid the Palestinian Authority so long as it funds “pay for slay” programs.[18]  Hamas terrorists have also noted the Biden administration’s willingness to negotiate with terrorists and to release convicted criminals in “deals” as done with Iran, citing the desire to extort the release of Hamas terrorists held in the US as part of the reason for the terror attacks on Israel.[19]  Such statements and abundant other data confirm that the Biden Doctrine of appeasement and negotiating with terrorists incentivizes more terrorism.[20]

Bruce Hoffman wrote in The Atlantic that “a close read of Hamas’s founding documents clearly shows their [genocidal] intentions.”[21] The 1988 Hamas Covenant and 2017 Hamas Charter’s libelous slanders against Jews closely parallel Hitler’s Mein Kampf and Putin’s anti-Ukrainian manifesto.  Hoffman notes that these documents call for (1) “the complete destruction of Israel as an essential condition for the liberation of Palestine” and the establishment of an Islamic theocracy, (2) unrestrained and unceasing jihad, (3) “deliberate disdain for, and dismissal of, any negotiated resolution or political settlement,” and (4) “the reinforcement of anti-Semitic tropes and calumnies married to sinister conspiracy theories.” It also emphasizes the importance of indoctrinating children into ethno-sectarian hate and the jihadi mindset.

Christopher Fish wrote in the Stanford Review:

  • “Historically, the Palestinian ‘desire for statehood’ and ‘need for liberation’ was invented in large part by the Soviet Union. The blueprint for the PLO Charter was drafted in Moscow in 1964 and was approved by 422 Palestinian representatives hand selected by the KGB…These ‘liberation fronts’ were seen by the USSR as centers of Marxist indoctrination and opposition to democratic and capitalist movements. In the Middle East, the only foothold of the democratic west is Israel; nurturing the PLO to undermine Israel was therefore quite natural for the Soviets, who not only helped fund and establish the PLO but also trained and supplied its terrorist operations.”[22]

PLO founder Yassir Arafat was a KGB asset who was recommended by his handlers to “stop talking about annihilating Israel and instead turn your [Arafat’s] terror war into a struggle for human rights.” Thus a virulent anti-democratic and anti-semitic totalitarian movement was rebranded as a democratic human rights struggle. [23] Genocidal Palestinian terrorism is whitewashed by Western organizations that share common Marxist ideology and agenda.

Aviva Klompas wrote:

  • “Many more nations have remained silent or, worse, sought to explain away the brutality to fit their own political perspectives and world views. They are deeply wrong.In an era when the line between right and wrong is constantly blurred, this is a moment of sobering clarity.

  • “Hamas has sunk to a depth of savagery that should shock us to the core. The terror group infiltrated Israel by land, air, and sea, and attacked nearby communities. They slaughtered the elderly, gunned down civilians in their homes, kidnapped mothers with babies in their arms, mutilated the bodies of men and women, and paraded their victims through the streets of Gaza in a show of celebration. Through these and many other inhumane acts, Palestinian terrorists have shown their fight is not about settlements, checkpoints, or the myriad other policies that Israelis and Palestinians squabble over. This weekend, we saw what militant Palestinians and their supporters mean when they tell us they want the land 'From the River to the Sea.' They want every inch of land – every city, town, kibbutz, settlement, and village—between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, and they want it cleansed of every single Jew.

  • “Pundits are defending the brutality as ‘armed indigenous people taking their land back from colonizers,’ astutely ignoring the fact that Jews are indigenous to the land of Israel.  We must never confuse the terrorists who target civilians with an army that targets terrorists who attack its civilians.”[24]


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