Liberty.org is a nonpartisan grassroots human rights organization run by volunteers passionate about making our communities, our nation, and world better.


Our volunteers come from across the political spectrum. We value human rights, democracy, and public integrity. We support peaceful advocacy and civil discourse. We repudiate in the strongest possible terms any and all organizations, groups, and individuals that incite, support, glorify, or engage in violence.


We are a rights advocacy group and not a news organization. We do not provide legal services or advice. Articles and posts include editorial and opinion content and are not news items.  Selections are quoted from referenced sources in accordance with the "fair use" doctrine as a transformative, non-commercial use for education and policy analysis in the public interest. Images include items licensed from Shutterstock.

To maintain our independence, we do not accept donations. We hope you enjoy our site.

We believe all people can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.


Our Mission

Our missions include education and advocacy for liberty and human rights, promotion of civic engagement, and civil, respectful discourse.


Our Vision

We seek a just, free world in which human rights are respected for all people and in all nations.

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