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Ukraine Freedom Art

Art for Ukrainian freedom commissioned by All works are (c) 2022, all rights reserved.  

"Stop the War on Ukraine"

Artist: Deborah Pike, United Kingdom

139-Deborah-Pike-UKRAINE-as-a-landscape compressed.jpg

"Oleksandr Korpan, Hero of Ukraine"

Artist: Tanya Demchenkova, Odesa

Oleksandr Korpan was a Ukrainian pilot who heroically died covering his friends.  Korpan was named the best strike aviation pilot of 2021 and was posthumously awarded honored as a "Hero of Ukraine."

Oleksandr Korpan Kraschiy Letchik Tanya Demchenkova Odesa.jpeg

"Defense of Odesa and Sinking of the 'Moskva'"

Artist: Johannes Roots, Estonia

odesa root.png

"The Defense of Kharkiv"

Artist: Johannes Roots, Estonia

Johannes Root Estonia Defense of Kharkiv ukraine2final4.jpg

"The Defense of Mariupol"

Johannes Roots, Estonia

Defense of Mariupol Johannes Roots 1920x1080.png

"The Defense of Kyiv"

Johannes Roots, Estonia

johannes roots estonia defenseofkyiv.png

"Freedom of Ukraine"

Artist: Gabriella Shcherban, Mukachevo, Ukraine

gabriella shcherban mukachevo final.jpg

"Stop the War"
Artist: Haitham Saad, Libya

87-Haitham Saad Libya-Uk.jpg

"Stop the War, Save People"
Collage by Galya-Radanova of original art by Oksana Drachkovska, Lviv. Used with both artists' permission.

115-Galya-Radanova-Oksana Drachkovska Lviv.jpg

"Mother of the Nation, 2022"

Батьківщина мати, 2022

Artist: Hyu Nguyen, Vietnam

rodyna mat 2022 nguyen hyu vietnam icm_fullxfull.436177152_ss3smkeijfkk0wcgkw8w.jpg

"Peace and Bright Memory"

Artist: Namrata Patel, India

"Peace for Ukraine"
Artist: Edgardo Estango, Venezuela

80 Edgardo Estanga Venezuela  the-wave.png
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