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Lies of the Left Staff

February 5, 2024

The left today relies on Marx's systematized use of deception and falsehood to gain power under the belief that the end justifies the means.

A few of the lies of the political far left include the following.

1. Supporting them is a no-lose proposition.The Communist Manifesto agitated, "Workers of the world, unite!," with the claim: "You have nothing to lose but your chains."  As the estimated 100 million dead from communism in the twentieth century and devastation of whole societies demonstrated, individuals had everything to lose from Marxism rather than nothing.  Agitating for support with utopian claims that everything will be better and that supporting them is a no-lose proposition has been shown time and again to be false. 

Millions were murdered in China, the Soviet Union, Cambodia, and elsewhere by communist regimes. The national socialism of Juan Peron in Argentina that devastated what was one of the ten wealthiest countries per capita in the early 20th century to consecutive years of 40-70% inflation from 2019 to 2022. The far left in Iran pushed revolution that led to the installation of an Islamofascist regime. Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro was brought out of obscurity and built up by the New York Times only to install one of the world's most oppressive and racist regimes.  Marxist regimes across the third world have been marked by oppression, violence, and gross human rights violations. The list goes on.  Nowhere in the world have there been sustained positive results.

Yet far-left shills continue to agitate for power and control to them and their ideological allies, claiming that nothing could possibly go wrong even while facilitating horrific abuses and atrocities.

Some other lies include:

That open borders and illegal immigration are about human rights

2. That they support anti-racism.  The Democratic Party was the party of slavery which "supported or tolerated slavery" and opposed civil rights reforms during the 19th century.   The 1964 Civil RIghts Act was overwhelmingly supported by Republicans, but faced its main opposition from Southern Democrats.  U.S. blacks overwhelmingly voted Republican until Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" programs in the 1960s started doling out handouts as a means of "voter rigging" at the expense of taxpayers.  Contemporary so-called "anti-racism" screeds have been noted to be a revival of old racism with a dishonest and anti-intellectual shifting the identity of its targets and repackaging in the ideology of Marxist identity politics.

3. That "cancel culture" is about improving public integrity.  Far-left "cancel culture" has prevented independent, libertarian, and conservative voices from speaking on college campuses. It has blackballed and attempted to discredit numerous historical figures, from Aristotle and Socrates to  Shakespeare and other writers of the classics, to thinkers of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment to the US founding fathers, to artists and thinkers who opposed slavery, with flimsy and dishonest pretexts for "cancellation."

In contrast, the far left has no problem with figures which engaged in far worse and more pervasive conduct. Karl Marx was a notorious anti-semite and anti-black racist. Shocking bigotry and hate pervades his public and p writing at all periods of his life.  Marx advocated revolutionary violence and terrorism, including the murder of political opponents.  The left today relies on Marx's systematized use of deception and falsehood to gain power under the belief that the end justifies the means.

Michel Foucault was perhaps the most widely cited leftist intellectual of the twentieth century, mingling Marxism with anti-Western hate and pervasive double standards.  Foucault campaigned to lower the age of sexual consent in France to twelve. His writings support pedastery and Foucault has been credibly accused by a former colleague of serial sexual abuse of young Tunisian boys.  

Vladimir Lenin, a psychopath who murdered or was responsible for the death of an estimated more than ten million people, is still widely cited by leftist academics today for his work on imperialism which lies at the root of decolonization theory -- despite numerous factual and logical errors pervading Lenin's work.

UK Labor shadow chancellor and avowed Marxist John McDonnell claimed that Winston Churchill, the wartime leader of the UK who led the victory over Hitler,  was a villain over his alleged role in disputed events in which a striking Welsh miner was killed by police in 1910. This lie vilifying Churchill was disproved by facts at the time, but remained in circulation decades later.  In contrast, McDonnell glorified Chinese Communist Party founder Chairman Mao Zedong and quoted his "little red book" in the UK House of Commons, despite Mao's legacy of mass murder in the death of an estimated 65 million Chinese.

The list goes on and on.  Yet Marx, Foucault, Mao, and counless others are deemed credible figures by the left with no attempt to cancel them or to hold them to any standards. Those who cite and glorify these and other figures are not deemed to be discredited, but hold high positions in the modern Left. 

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