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Heart pattern, yellow-blue flag of Ukraine. revention of hostilities in Ukraine. Peace con

Liberty Art Contest

Ukraine's Defense of Freedom Art Contest, Spring 2022


In consideration of Entrant’s participation in the (“LO”) Art Competition (the “Competition”) by submitting to LO an original work of authorship to be judged in the competition (the “Work”), and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and adequacy of which is hereby acknowledged, Entrant agrees to the terms and conditions of this agreement.  This document comprises the complete Understanding and Agreement between LO and the Entrant.

1. General Agreement: Entrant wishes the Work to be considered in the Art Competition (“Competition).  The Entrant agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement as a condition of participation.

2. Entrant Eligibility and Responsibility

Entrant affirms that he/she is at least 18 years of age or, if under 18, authorized agreement of legal parent/guardian is also required.

3. The Entrant agrees to assume responsibility and liability with respect to the work and the distribution, public display, and reproduction thereof.

4. Entrant agrees that LO has the sole discretion to designate winners of the Competition and award prizes and that any decision of the judges of the Competition shall be final.

5. Warranties and Representations by Entrant

a. Entrant warrants and represents that the following are true and correct and will remain so throughout the Agreement Term.

b. Submissions must not contain obscenity, explicit sexual material, nudity, profanity, graphic violence, or calls or incitement to violence. Submissions must not contain content or images that could be considered abusive, inflammatory, or denigrating. The content must be suitable for a global, public audience.

c. Entrant is the owner of rights, title and interest in the Work and has not assigned such rights to any other individual or entity.

d. The Work is a wholly original work of authorship of the Entrant and is not derivative or based upon any other work, and does not contain any elements protected by someone else’s copyright or proprietary rights.

e. Entrant gives LO non-exclusive rights to enable LO to exercise all Licensed Rights set forth in this agreement.

​6. LO reserves the rights to disqualify, at its sole discretion, any submission that does not adhere to these criteria and to the intent and substance of these Official Contest Rules.Grant of Rights and Licenses. Entrant grants LO and assigns a non-exclusive, royalty free perpetual license to display, reproduce, and distribute the Work for non-commercial purposes.

7. Disqualification. Should the Entrant violate any of the warranty expressed herein, upon discovery, the Entrant shall be automatically disqualified from the competition and subject to forfeiture of any benefits received therein.

8. Awards. If you are selected for an award, it may be necessary for the Contest Sponsor to collect additional information including real name, address, and necessary information for attribution and payment. Prizes shall be paid out to winners selected by the judges within 30 days of the end of the contest.  Prizes will be paid in U.S. dollars through PayPal, Western Union, or another venue agreed upon by minus any transfer fees or exchange fees if the Entrant requires receipt in another currency.  Entrants are solely responsible for any taxes due on their prizes.

9. Arbitration and Governing Law.  Any disputes or controversies arising under this Agreement shall be subject to binding arbitration in Clark County, Nevada, USA.  The arbitration shall be administered according to the jurisdiction and rules of the American Arbitration Association for submission to a single arbitrator. The arbitration shall be held in English. The Agreement shall be interpreted, construed, and enforced under the laws of the state of Nevada.

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